The Company

Synergies for Success

Logibrands aims to provide a business service consolidation to business areas of restaurants, distribution and retail stores.

Experience in the Branch

The growth rate of the business soon led to increased team , a story built together with its customers and partners.

We promise , We comply

The focus on customer satisfaction , guided by transparency in the activities and the determination to achieve results, allow us the affirmation : We promise , We comply.

What we do

Logibrands is characterized in the coordination , management, support and operations, creating adapted solutions to the areas of business in restaurants , distribution and retail stores.

Talk to us

Centro Empresarial Talaíde Park
Estrada Octávio Pato, Nº 175/177
Edificio E2
2635-631 Rio De Mouro - Talaíde
Lisboa - Portugal
T: (351) 211 927 816 F: (351) 211 924 842
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